Dr. Bohn is now offering Emsculpt, a painless treatment with no down time that can help women and men build muscle, burn fat, and gain confidence.

Emsculpt can:

  • Strengthen your core
  • Reduce areas of stubborn fat
  • Minimize diastasis recti post pregnancy
  • Sculpt and Tone the Body
  • Lift and firm hard to target areas such as lower abdomen, buttocks, thighs and triceps

Emsculpt is the world’s first non-invasive procedure to reduce fat and build muscle. By producing supramaximal muscle contractions, Emsculpt produces results that are simply unachievable at the gym. Emsculpt causes fat cells to disintegrate, and causes muscle tissue to strengthen resulting in increased muscle definition and tone.

This non-surgical, painless procedure creates dramatic results in just four 30 minute sessions.  On average, patients lose 3cm on their waist, increase muscle mass by 16% and reduce fat by 19%.  Women who have recently had a baby will on average have a 11% reduction in diastasis recti.