I have had really bad experiences with gynos, so I have never had a constant doctor. After reading some reviews, I decided to call and got an appointment the same day. Dr. Hill was amazing! They got me into a room super quick and Dr. Hill saw me super fast. She was really nice. She answered all my questions thoroughly. She let me know what she was doing before doing it. She really made me feel very comfortable and like she cared. I would definitely recommend her to my family and friends.

Jahayra S. Los Angeles, CA,

Dr. Bohn is great, I love that she is my OB.  I did significant research before deciding on an OB and once I met her, I stayed with her.  She saw me through my pregnancy and delivered my baby.  I felt I could trust her and her opinions which were pretty much spot on.  I highly recommend Dr. Bohn and thankful she was the doctor who delivered my baby.

Elena Z. Los Angeles, CA,

Dr. Hill is truly the most caring and sincere doctor I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet!  Some doctors occasionally listen to their patients, or occasionally feign interest in what they’re saying… NOT so with Dr. Hill!  She treats each and every patient with respect, courtesy, professionalism, discretion and she LISTENS to what you have to say and fully addresses your concerns!  Dr. Hill has been my gynecologist for close to 10 years and I can honestly say that I look forward to my appointments.  I know that may sound a bit odd… but it’s true!

Amy S. Los Angeles, CA,

Dr. Bohn is amazing. She’s the cute little blonde doctor that talks to you like she’s your best friend. She’s straight with you and works hard to make you feel comfortable and trust her. Her office is in kind of a dingy part of LA right outside downtown in a hospital, but it’s not too bad. Street parking is pretty easy to find.

I would recommended anyone to her that is looking for a good gynecologist. I don’t have any experience with obstetrics and I was going for birth control, so I can’t speak to that. The one thing I really did like is that she didn’t try to push a bunch of the meds on me that pharmaceutical reps are probably banging down her door with. She did offer me a free sample nuva ring to try, but she listened to me very openly about me concerns about hormone BC and gave me some very honest and objective advice. She didn’t make up my mind for me, just gave me the facts, and told me my options. Ultimately, the decision is up to me and I’m glad she respects that. I hate prescription happy ob/gyn’s.

Stacey T. San Francisco, CA,

Dr. Hill delivered my daughter in 2007.  It was a very delicate situation because she came 10 weeks early.  During this entire ordeal Dr. Hill provided my husband and I with all the information we needed to understand what it meant to deliver a child at 29 weeks. She made sure that we met with every doctor that was going to be involved in our daughters care and was “present” throughout the entire journey.  We are truly grateful to Dr. Hill and all the staff at Good Samaritan Hosptial

Teresa C. Playa Del Rey, CA,