Vaginal Rejuvenation – Mona Lisa Touch Laser

Mona Lisa Touch Laser Certified

login-logoI am excited to announce my recent certification with the Mona Lisa Touch Laser an innovative non-surgical treatment for vaginal atrophy which is a weakening and thinning of the tissue of the vagina that occurs either with menopause or from estrogen deficiency from breast feeding postpartum. The lack of estrogen in the vagina leads to weakness and laxity of the vaginal tissue and muscles, resulting in dryness, itching, burning, pain with intercourse called dyspareunia and urinary incontinence.

Prior to the Mona Lisa this condition was treated with the use of estrogen creams or tablets with varying results. Also for improvement of incontinence and laxity only invasive surgical procedures with Mesh and Slings were available.   The Mona Lisa is a Laser procedure that does not require any anesthesia or post treatment down time. It is usually complete in 5 minutes and is not painful. Women report 75-90 % improvement in symptoms of burning, itching, dryness, dyspareunia and laxity after three treatments, but most report this after their first procedure.

I perform this procedure at the Laser Institute for Vaginal and Vulvar Health in Beverly Hills. If you are interested in learning more about this please contact me at

Dr. Yvonne Bohn